The Cynic Project is uplifting trance | dance | ambient | chillout music by Alex Smith.

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H e l l o .

I'm Alex Smith, video game and electronic music enthusiast!

You might have heard of me as The Cynic Project. My song Matrix ][ achieved six million downloads on back in 1999. I'm fascinated by the hidden beauty encoded in deterministic processes and stuff like fractals, cellular automata, generative music, and emergent behavior.


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Cynic Project News - Welcome to 2020!

  • 12/1/2019: Introducing Relax Moods - Discover a new way to change your mood

  • 10/25/2018: New ambient music in the player. check it out!

  • 9/5/2018: New album is coming soon -- check YouTube for preview -- Spectral Images

  • 4/1/2018: Check out new Nature Relaxation Films video below with 3.5 hours of ambient music by The Cynic Project

  • 1/8/2018: cryptomania!! $$$ Please donate your spare cryptocurrency to The Cynic Project, support new music from The Cynic Project.

  • 12/16/17: CC0 pixelsphere art now CC0 on

  • 11/10/17: silkmusicshowcase06 is out, with two tracks featuring TCP :) check it out at 24/7.

  • 4/12/17 : Pixelsphere is complete! Experience the epic, four-hour ambient & trance soundtrack, streaming free on

  • Thanks to your support, the Pixelsphere soundtrack and game are 100% to download. Support Pixelsphere and Donate Now! to sponsor the purchase of new music making software.

More info about Relax Moods and The Cynic Project

This is my new site for nature relaxation music for all your relaxation needs.

Want to own every Cynic Project song? The Cynic Project Ultimate Collection is available for purchase for $50.
The collection features every song I've ever made, unlimited streaming radio access to all my music, plus access to any music I create in the future forever.

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Streaming Music from The Cynic Project

V I D E O / N E W - M U S I C - 2 0 1 8

November 23 2018, Check out the latest ambient soundtrack for Nature Relaxation Films "Flying Over Kauai". This soundtrack is available for Ultimate Collection members, so please join today. The ambient soundtrack is offered in 32 bit master wave format -- uncompressed for highest possible quality. Over 1GB per hour.

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New -- Through May 2020 -- Any donation in cryptocurrency will get you the ultimate collection (retail $60 USD. This means you can literally get all my music for less than a penny, depending on which crypto you choose. That is a 10000% discount and the best deal you will get all day :)

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what is potentially my last pixelsphere book. Your $200 (9/5/18 -- discount -- now $110 I found 3 more books!!!!) donation helps support The Cynic Project. This is a limited edition run of 20 books. I thought I had two left, but I can't find the other one. Thanks!!